Owl's Nest

The Owl’s Nest

Security System is rated 7 AP.

The walls of Nite Owl’s underground complex are rated 14 Body.

Perception Check to find the Owl’s Nest is 7/7.

Nite Owl II’s underground Manhattan lair, known as the Owl’s Nest was completed in 1963, a year after he succeeded Hollis Mason the original Nite Owl.

Vehicles and Equipment

Med Station

Simple Laboratory

Owls Nest Computer
INT: 5 Recall: 15

STR: 8 Body: 8

Security Systems: 2 20 mm Rubber Bullet front mounted machine guns (25 Ammo each), Increased Ballistic Resistance (+3)

Powers: Flamethrower 7, Fog 8

Owlship, Archimedes, aka “Archie”
DEX: 5 STR: 11 Body: 10

Powers: Electric Shock Defense 12, Flamethrower 7, Flash 8, Flight 10 (15 AP), Fog 12, Mind Blast 10 (Area Effect), Radar 12, Swimming 6, Water Cannon 7

Nite Owl Suits

Anti-Cold, “Snow Owl” Suit
Body: +3 Dex: -2
Powers: Cold Immunity 5
Resist Cold temperatures as low as -50 degrees.

Underwater Suit
Body: +2 Dex: +1
Powers: Sealed Systems 12, Thermal Vision 5
Operate in waters as deep as 5 AP’s for 4 hours.

Owl's Nest

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