Plum Island Bunker

Security System is rated 9 AP.

The Walls of the Bunker are rated 15 Body.

Perception Check to find the Plum Island Bunker is 8/8.

The Plum Island bunker’s construction dates back to 1940 during World War II when American intelligence services set up a large top secret underground bunker on the small island known as Plum Island situated in the Atlantic Ocean off the northern coast of Long Island. This bunker was abandoned and stripped in 1959. It is currently occupied by Hooded Chaos the mastermind and leader of the Black Hand Organization.


Blast Resistant Door 12 Body

Outer Cloister

Lockpick 6/5

Chaos Gallery
Paintings on the Wall:

  • Raphael’s Portrait of a Young Man
  • William Blake’s The Ghost of a Flea
  • Pablo Picasso’s Guernica
  • Hooded Chaos self portrait
  • Francisco Goya’s Fight with Cudgels
  • Paris Burning April 1951, Hooded Chaos
  • Henri Rousseau’s The Snake Charmer
  • El Greco’s St. Martin and the Beggar
  • Eugène Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People
  • Goya’s Atropos or The Fates

Plum Island Bunker

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