Black Hand Organization

Known Members

Hooded Chaos, alias Unknown

Known Associates

Hank Hooker

Brief History of the Black Hand Organization

Compiled by Agents N.B. Dupin and E.P. Masquer of the International Criminal Police Organization, Interpol, February-May, 1968.

Formed in the year 1950, the Black Hand Organization or Black Hand Group is an assassination-for-hire and international terrorist organization known to the French Intelligence Services, the British Secret Intelligence Services, and the American Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), as having committed hundreds of crimes, terrorist activities, and clandestine operations against the Western and Eastern blocs.

The Black Hand was created and is currently led by the mysterious man of francophile origin known only as Hooded Chaos. Known before the founding of the Black Hand Organization as the Shadow Man, this phantom first shocked Parisians with his brazen theft of several high profile paintings dating back to 1948 and 1949. The first major known crime committed by the Black Hand was the firebombing of the Paris Opera in April 1951. 226 people were killed in this one act of terror alone. From 1951-1967 the Black Hand were implicated or directly linked to 173 terrorist incidents and major bank heists, which have cost the lives of over 2,300 people from Spain to France and England, Sweden, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, West Germany, and the Soviet Union.

One of the organizations most notable criminal acts was the theft of some $15 Million in a robbery of the Hipposwiss Bank in Zurich, Switzerland, June 1963. It was committed presumably to fund their extensive international acts of terrorism and sabotage yet to come. In October of 1964, Black Hand assassins attempted but failed to kill French President Charles de Gaulle in Paris. Their cyanide laced bullets failed to kill de Gaulle; a cleverly placed body double was slain in his place.

Black Hand operatives also attempted to blow up the BIg Ben clock tower at the Palace of Westminster in London, August 1965, in a highly publicized incident. They would have been successful had it not been for the heroic actions of Captain England and his young sidekick Red Jack who managed to stop the Black Hand operatives from delivering their explosives laden double-decker bus. Tragically however, the Red Jack was killed when the terrorist devices exploded prematurely near Vauxhall killing fifteen innocent bystanders in addition.

The Black Hand Organization created an international incident in 1967 when numerous operatives assassinated Soviet Premier Leonid Brezhnev whilst killing nearly 500 Communist Party leaders in Moscow using a stolen top-secret American weapon systems-the portable nuclear warhead launcher code named the “Davy Crockett Rifle”. This deadly weapon was stolen from an American base in the Hawaiian islands. Hooded Chaos evidently used a commandeered Soviet submarine, K-129, to make good his escape with said nuclear weapon.

How Hooded Chaos learned of the weapon’s location is a mystery to all major law enforcement and intelligence networks as of the filing of this report. The last known sighting of the Black Hand and their leader was recorded by US Naval Intelligence after the Black Hand Organization’s pirated submarine was spotted off the coast of Greenland by the American vessel the USS Nemo before disappearing into the ocean depths, July 1967.

Black Hand Organization

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