Cloaked Heroes & Costumed Vigilantes: Past, Present, and Future

New Frontiersman, Monday, January 19, 1968

By: Malcolm Saxondale

The Crimebusters were formed in April 1966 by veteran costumed vigilante Captain Metropolis. This new age vigilante groups’ foundation lays of course with the fading of the original costumed adventurers group of the golden age of costumed vigilantes, the Minutemen. The original cloaked heroes fellowship, formed in 1939 and formally disbanded as many of our readers will know by Capt. Metropolis in September of 1949, though the active and surviving veterans of the group continued to fight crime individually for several years before and after the group’s formal breakup. Readers will be hard-pressed to remember that from 1951-1955, several of its members were called to testify before the House Committee on Un-American Activities.

Silk Spectre had of course retired in 1947 to raise a family and the amoral Silhouette along with her lesbian lover were murdered in 1946 by her longtime adversary, the Liquidator, in their shared Manhattan apartment. Dollar Bill was gunned down whilst working security for the First National Bank in July 1946. Hooded Justice went missing and was presumed dead in the year 1955, just weeks after he was called on to reveal his identity to the Red Hunter, Senator Joseph McCarthy.


As revealed in New Frontiersman No. 11, Febuary 1956, former German circus strongman and Communist spy, Rolf Müller, was found dead in a Boston Harbor around the same time of Hooded Justice’ disappearance. Many believe the dead man to have been Hooded Justice though this columnist remains unconvinced. 1960 saw the end of the golden age of costumed vigilantes with the arrival of the awe inspiring superman, Dr. Manhattan.

By the early 1960’s the Comedian had begun to work exclusively for the US government and Nite Owl had retired, unmasking himself to the public as Hollis Mason. He later published the controversial best seller, Under The Hood in 1966, chronicling his life as a costumed adventurer and the history of the Minutemen in all its expletive detail. Mason was succeeded soon after retiring by the young and technologically superior Nite Owl II.

The undercover pinko Mothman was forcefully admitted in 1962 to a mental institution in upstate Maine where he currently remains under twenty-four hour psych ward care. Captain Metropolis continued fighting crime from 1951-1965, eventually teaming up with the young costumed adventurer Ozymandias, known as the “Smartest Man in the World” in 1960. In 1964 the mysterious and violent Rorschach debut, terrifying criminals with his shadowy mask and his ultra-violent tactics. Just two years later Sally Jupiter’s equally beautiful daughter followed in her footsteps becoming Silk Spectre II.

Current active members of the Crimebusters include Captain Metropolis, Nite Owl II, Ozymandias, Rorschach, and Silk Spectre II. We here at the New Frontiersman urge all of our loyal readers to support the Crimebusters and their efforts to keep our communities safe from criminals, corruption, commies, anti-war “hippies” and degenerates. Honor like the hawk, must go hooded sometimes. New Frontiersmen.


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