Nite Owl

Nite Owl II, alias Daniel Dreiberg


DEX: 5 STR: 3 Spirit: 4

INT: 6 Will: 3 Infl: 4

Aura: 3 Body: 4 Mind: 4

Initiative: 20

Hero Points: 35


Acrobatics: 3 Detective: 6 Gadgetry: 10

Martial Artist: 5 Medicine: 3 Science: 7

Stealth: 3 Thief: 4 Vehicles: 6


Flashlight, 3 Handcuffs, Infrared Night-Vision Goggles, Rebreathing Apparatus, 4 Smoke Capsules, Micro-Recorder, Mini-Camera, Moonarang (Gliding: 2, 4 AP), Owl Suit (+3 Body), Two Way Radio (Remote control for the Owlship, 12 AP), Utility Belt

The Owlship: DEX: 5 STR: 11 Body: 10
Archimedes, aka “Archie

Powers: Electric Shock Defense 12, Flamethrower 7, Flash 8, Flight 10 (15 AP), Fog 12, Mind Blast 10 (Area Effect), Radar 12, Swimming 6, Water Cannon: 7


Daniel Dreiberg is born.

Attended Harvard University
in Massachusetts.

Dreiberg becomes Nite Owl II
following the retirement of the
original Nite Owl of Minutemen fame.

Completes his underground hideout
in Manhattan, the Owl’s Nest.

Nite Owl first tangles with the costumed
vice-queen, the Twilight Lady. She later
becomes his greatest adversary.

Teams up with Rorschach to combat
gangs & organized crime in New York City.

Together they apprehend both the diminutive
gangster Big Figure & later the sewer
dwelling mobster the “Underboss”,
Anthony Rizzoli.

Joins the Crimebusters with
a reluctant Rorschach.

Battles the Twilight Lady atop the
the Chrysler building defeating scores
of her henchmen though she managed to
elude his capture once again.

Nite Owl apprehends the Twilight Lady
while she attempted to rob a diamond
wholesalers in Manhattan.

Nite Owl & Rorschach uncover a
large heroin smuggling ring being run by
Moloch the Mystic, September.

Nite Owl

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