Hooded Chaos

alias Unknown


DEX: 6 STR: 2 Spirit: 7

INT: 9 Will: 10 Infl: 8

Aura: 6 Body: 5 Mind: 12

Initiative: 23

Hero Points: 35


Aura of Fear: 5 Detect: 4


Acrobatics: 4 Artist (Painting): 5 Charisma: 5

Intimidation: 6 Martial Artist: 4 Occultist: 6

Stealth: 5 Weaponry: 4


.32 French Pistol with Ruby Grips (8 Ammo), Sabre with black velvet Scabbard


In one night, a mysterious thief steals
six priceless prints from various Paris
museums across the city, later nicknamed
the Shadow Man by Parisian papers.

The Shadow Man & his henchman break
into the Louvre museum in Paris and steal
nearly 3 million dollars in art & other priceless
artifacts which have never been recovered.

Reveals his villainous costumed persona for
the first time in Paris as Hooded Chaos.

Forms the Black Hand Organization,
an assassination-for-hire & terrorist group.

Hooded Chaos firebombs the Paris Opera
killing over two hundred innocents.

The The Black Hand Organization is
implicated in terrorist activities and bank heists
from Spain, to France, England, Sweden, Denmark,
Switzerland, Italy, Greece, & West Germany.

Hooded Chaos steals $15 Million in
a robbery of the Hipposwiss Bank in
Zurich, Switzerland, June ’63

Hooded Chaos takes a commandeered
Soviet sub to Plum Island off the
coast of Long Island, New York.

Hooded Chaos

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